Truth (Prod. by Khrysis)

from by Nyk Grey

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Rappers lie. Singers lie. I don't.


truth when I step in the booth,
truth, truth, truth when i step in the booth, no lies nigga x4

truth when I step in the booth, no lies nigga
tell the truth? been wanting this since 05 nigga
Ain't rich, shit, I'm making five figures
Good news, gotta worry bout no gold diggers
Gotta worry bout these bills though
Rappers flashing bill folds
Got me thinking what do they live for?
gotta be the dollar bill
all they talk is keep it real
but these motherfuckers is slaves to the record deal
i dont care who you killed
or who you fucked neither
this is nick gray lyrical grim reaper
dropped outta college trying to be a teacher
being honest like future,
this not what you use to
shout to my youtubers
going hard like medusa
was getting hella views
then that bitch stole my computer
but fuck all the excuses
i'll spit until im toothless
2016 o'shea, im cold and im ruthless

truth like i swore on a bible
dont believe in that, but what imma lie for?
yeah the truth hurts like a fuckin 2 x 4
even dressed well, the bitch look like an eyesore
i'm so anti fake shit
that i had to make
all your music do is... tell me that i aint shit
grew up watching tigger in the basement
back when rap and talent was adjacent
now rap fans is complacent
i dont even know no more
Probably never go on tour
gotta work a 9 to 5
struggling to stay alive
here's a word from the wise
when you looking up from the bottom...all you can do is rise this
make you motherfuckers see clearly...lasik
face it
you hoes so basic
i go...apeshit
you rappers is ear canal rapists
i aint gonna take this


from Do What You Want, released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Nyk Grey Atlanta, Georgia

Nyk Grey is a Kingstree, South Carolina native who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Nyk decided to pick up the microphone because he knew he had something to say and a cool way to say it.

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