Searchin (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

from by Nyk Grey

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"Searchin" is short biography about where I am today and how I got here. Hailing from the K-Town where them boys don't play 'round.


:16 verse
hailing from the k town, where them boys dont play round
look close see em pitching crack by the playground
love kingstree, but i couldn't stay round
listen as I speak on my life on this great sound
youngest son of david and jane
i was born to be a prodigy, simple and plain
went to the schools, gettin nothing but As
forced to go to church, give nothing but praise
in hope for eternal life,
stared down a pistol twice
if i stayed there, then my future wasnt bright
ya boy had to leave to search for the light
im outta here, hopping on this greyhound,
headed from the k all the way to the a town

:50 beat break

:59 verse
hopped off the bus, I'm in the ATL
Bamma in the city bout to give em hell
small fish, big pond
started working papa johns
somebody please
tell me what the hell is goin on?
uncle jr let me know
atlanta wasnt just the videos
big rims, big booty hoes
black land of opportunity
im rapping like its you and me
appreciate me presently, not during my eulogy
but back to my biography
i trusted uncle jr, man that was lunacy
son i can't believe he was fooling me
this nigga had no class like truancy
every first of the month, he was robbing me
trying to steal from me like a fucking usurper
had to change his world like a fucking heart murmur
got my own spot, but we still coworkers
became manager to tell him scrub that surface

1:52 verse
left that bullshit behind
i could better spend my time
making videos or perfecting my rhymes
everything i saw was mine
no longer had to worry about a knife in the spine
funds in my pocket so now I can travel
started fixing macs, and went to the big apple
in Miami looking fly like Henry Cavill
my woofers was banging just like the judge gavel
went from cruising in the honda
to cruising in bahamas
i had to tell my mama
my account had a comma
was the bomb like osama
ain't worried about the drama
get the picture? panorama
try and cancel me, come back futurama
Keep looking, might find what I'm searching for
demand respect like a lion roar
I aint the best, what you lying for?
them other dudes aiight, but i inspire more

2:34 outro


from Do What You Want, released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Nyk Grey Atlanta, Georgia

Nyk Grey is a Kingstree, South Carolina native who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Nyk decided to pick up the microphone because he knew he had something to say and a cool way to say it.

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