Overly Dramatic Intro (Prod. by El​-​P)

from by Nyk Grey

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This alternative track does what I think any good intro should do: show off my skills, introduce myself, and get you listening to the rest of the tape.


been thinking bout being like him
been thinking bout being like them
been thinking bout being like you
but yall dont have a clue
so id rather be myself
forget trying to be you or anybody else
do it for love and not the fucking wealth
i mean what i say, so i say it with my chest

the truth is overly dramatic,
i dont know if i can stand it, and it
never is around when you looking for the sound
that could possibly save the planet, can it?
what you call the best, shit is average
saying that you want a new classic
[idolize those that are made outta plastic]
only want the green like cabbage
motherfucker raise your standards
i aint even hating on the dances
i'll watch you whip, watch you nae nae
but bout these words, there aint no play play
knock you out... smash bros melee
not in real life, only in a game mane
aint bout the violence,
but if you try to silence
i'll have to try shit
stab you with a trident
like i am from atlantis
but im from atlanta
kickin these rhymes, kung fu panda
supply to your demand, i
hope you understand, my
voice dont need a camera
all I need is one mic
couple lines spat right
shining like a flashlight
but a nigga black as hell
that boy burnt, what's that smell?
if you do something, do it well
If you try then you cannot fail

I'm something like a phenomenon
Fuck that shit that y'all been on
They say it's darkest before the dawn
Is this what y'all been waiting on?

A genius from Carolina
Disguised as a dope rhymer
no deal, no cosigner
Bang it loud marijuana
disturb the peace like shawnna
Spitting hotter than a sauna
best rapper, like a carter
Atheist, corrupt your daughter
Got the magic stick, Harry potter
She'll jacket like a starter
Flowing like some water
On the web, Peter Parker

i turned loose leafs into loose lips
Y'all boys soft like tulips
Only real shit leave these two lips
not that bullshit that you spit


from Do What You Want, released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Nyk Grey Atlanta, Georgia

Nyk Grey is a Kingstree, South Carolina native who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Nyk decided to pick up the microphone because he knew he had something to say and a cool way to say it.

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