Burning Gas (Prod. by Jake One)

from by Nyk Grey

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I sometimes indulge in what I call "vehicular therapy" when I'm stressed out with too much on my mind or just bored. I hop in my 97 Civic and cruise around Atlanta with my 12 inch subs banging in the back. It's really relaxing. Enjoy the singing.


0:06 hook
riding through the a
and you know im riding solo
you can ride along but dont touch my radio
just burning gas, don't ask where we bout to go
whats the destination, i dont even know

:30 verse
gotta get up off this couch
gotta get up out this house
grab my phone, grab my wallet
grab my keys im riding out
cant get out the driveway
until a favorite song play
im thinking black milk, maybe some torae
car get moving
my exhaust start fuming
whip a honda like a buick
swangin like im from houston
pull next to a cop cruiser
cooler than a hockey puck
windows down, music up
ask me if i give a fuck
bass start quaking
and his car get to shakin
next right turn, im takin
probably got his head aching
turn down this road, or turn down what im playin
ain't no questioning the decision that im makin
i dont feel nothing but these good vibrations
most passengers don't like the sensation
so i like to ride alone
don't try to hit my phone cuz im

1:16 hook

1:40 verse
when i say im burning gas, i dont mean im rolling up
if this that chill shit you vibe to, go and grab a blunt
why you think i name this shit do what you want?
you damned if you do, and you damned if you dont
so fuck it, hop in the bucket and haul ass
on the road, can't worry about snakes in tall grass
so picture me rollin when its all eyez on me
all by my lonely, dont need no homies
might hit lenox or perimeter
maybe hit 85 and push it to the limit bruh
my whip got my back like my decendants, bruh
why you think im in it for?
no car note on an old ass civic bruh
Crank it to the max, Fuck being timid bruh
push this shit like i got 16 cylinders
hop in, if you talkin in you'll be walken like christopher
im feeling kinda like what the game's been missing bruh


from Do What You Want, released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Nyk Grey Atlanta, Georgia

Nyk Grey is a Kingstree, South Carolina native who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Nyk decided to pick up the microphone because he knew he had something to say and a cool way to say it.

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