A (Prod. by No I​.​D​.​)

from by Nyk Grey

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As an atheist, southern, black, introvert, I often feel alone in my thoughts and outlook of the world. For any other atheist that needs a rap song to nod their head to, or for anyone from the outside looking in who doesn't understand my position on religion, I present to you, "A".


:14 verse
i dont believe in god
i just believe in me
you listen and you nod
but thinking blasphemy
i think its kinda odd
its all geography
you pick it for yourself
or they decide what you believe?

now im warmed up, bring the heat in
was raised christian now the nigga is a heathen
didn't have a choice was told to believe in
a dude who drowned the whole world to stop it from breathin
you see man? that's genocide, you criticize
what if you had been alive?
had to hold you kids hands while they motherfuckin died
with a god like that, who needs satan?
20 years I stayed quiet, now I gotta weigh in
if children are our future, then stop the indoctrinatin
can't move forward with improper education
you idolize the preachers with nothing but ajulation
but the catholic church is where the predators are praying(preying)

1:02 hook 2x
your purpose,
be worthless
be filled of guilt
and let me get your ten percent

1:13 verse
apologize and repent
get on your knees
you can suck on this,
and take two of these
you think your money really be going to building fees?
even good intentions could lead to tragedy
if its blasphemy,
im sad to see
brainwashing my family
heathen, but i had visit heaven just to grab this beat
hear them horns son?
feel them trumpets playing?
dont really care, just hear what im sayin
i'm super, need more teachers, less recruiters
feeding they agendas and robbing us like some looters
we all got computers, but yall call em phones
you can learn anything a human's ever known
safari, firefox, opera, edge, or chrome
dont need a leader, you can learn it on your own
do some research, process it in your dome
if it dont make sense, you can cut it like michonne
(dont take my word for it)

2:01 hook 4x


from Do What You Want, released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Nyk Grey Atlanta, Georgia

Nyk Grey is a Kingstree, South Carolina native who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Nyk decided to pick up the microphone because he knew he had something to say and a cool way to say it.

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