Do What You Want

by Nyk Grey

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As fans of entertainment, we often want to emulate our idols. This was my way of expressing myself in hip hop. I've been told that I'm a "regular black guy with a regular life" and I should leave this rap thing to the professionals. If we all had this attitude would our idols be our idols? I say nay. I did it because I can. I did it because I'm damn good at it. This is how I Do What I Want.

Do What You Want is a mixtape that is called a mixtape only because the instrumentals used were created by legendary producers. Featuring sounds, from 9th Wonder, Jahlil Beats, Metro Boomin, Just Blaze and more.

The excellent beats do not overshadow the great lyrical dexterity on display on this project. Double entendres, melodies, and storytelling are featured in these 13 tracks.

Intense, political, funny, and cool, Do What You Want makes sure that what established hip hop as a respected art form are front and center: beats, flows, and rhymes.


released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Nyk Grey Atlanta, Georgia

Nyk Grey is a Kingstree, South Carolina native who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Nyk decided to pick up the microphone because he knew he had something to say and a cool way to say it.

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Track Name: Overly Dramatic Intro (Prod. by El-P)
been thinking bout being like him
been thinking bout being like them
been thinking bout being like you
but yall dont have a clue
so id rather be myself
forget trying to be you or anybody else
do it for love and not the fucking wealth
i mean what i say, so i say it with my chest

the truth is overly dramatic,
i dont know if i can stand it, and it
never is around when you looking for the sound
that could possibly save the planet, can it?
what you call the best, shit is average
saying that you want a new classic
[idolize those that are made outta plastic]
only want the green like cabbage
motherfucker raise your standards
i aint even hating on the dances
i'll watch you whip, watch you nae nae
but bout these words, there aint no play play
knock you out... smash bros melee
not in real life, only in a game mane
aint bout the violence,
but if you try to silence
i'll have to try shit
stab you with a trident
like i am from atlantis
but im from atlanta
kickin these rhymes, kung fu panda
supply to your demand, i
hope you understand, my
voice dont need a camera
all I need is one mic
couple lines spat right
shining like a flashlight
but a nigga black as hell
that boy burnt, what's that smell?
if you do something, do it well
If you try then you cannot fail

I'm something like a phenomenon
Fuck that shit that y'all been on
They say it's darkest before the dawn
Is this what y'all been waiting on?

A genius from Carolina
Disguised as a dope rhymer
no deal, no cosigner
Bang it loud marijuana
disturb the peace like shawnna
Spitting hotter than a sauna
best rapper, like a carter
Atheist, corrupt your daughter
Got the magic stick, Harry potter
She'll jacket like a starter
Flowing like some water
On the web, Peter Parker

i turned loose leafs into loose lips
Y'all boys soft like tulips
Only real shit leave these two lips
not that bullshit that you spit
Track Name: Truth (Prod. by Khrysis)
truth when I step in the booth,
truth, truth, truth when i step in the booth, no lies nigga x4

truth when I step in the booth, no lies nigga
tell the truth? been wanting this since 05 nigga
Ain't rich, shit, I'm making five figures
Good news, gotta worry bout no gold diggers
Gotta worry bout these bills though
Rappers flashing bill folds
Got me thinking what do they live for?
gotta be the dollar bill
all they talk is keep it real
but these motherfuckers is slaves to the record deal
i dont care who you killed
or who you fucked neither
this is nick gray lyrical grim reaper
dropped outta college trying to be a teacher
being honest like future,
this not what you use to
shout to my youtubers
going hard like medusa
was getting hella views
then that bitch stole my computer
but fuck all the excuses
i'll spit until im toothless
2016 o'shea, im cold and im ruthless

truth like i swore on a bible
dont believe in that, but what imma lie for?
yeah the truth hurts like a fuckin 2 x 4
even dressed well, the bitch look like an eyesore
i'm so anti fake shit
that i had to make
all your music do is... tell me that i aint shit
grew up watching tigger in the basement
back when rap and talent was adjacent
now rap fans is complacent
i dont even know no more
Probably never go on tour
gotta work a 9 to 5
struggling to stay alive
here's a word from the wise
when you looking up from the bottom...all you can do is rise this
make you motherfuckers see clearly...lasik
face it
you hoes so basic
i go...apeshit
you rappers is ear canal rapists
i aint gonna take this
Track Name: Goddamn (Prod. by Just Blaze)
im an irrelevant reference to a reverent reverend
been to places you never been and the a where i settled in
elegant like the president riding in on an elephant
i been on 11 ever since i battled that lesbian
bitch im dark like anakin feeling like the man again
you rappers is models, you should try out to be mannequins
your girl said me gusta, so i said tambien
put her to sleep, you can call my dick ambien
punchline champion
bar barbarian
your favorite rapper, send me em
i bet you i'll bury em
you gon need a wheelbarrow just to carry em
beat the beat bloody til it look like carrie nem
rap cannibal and you sound vegetarian
you being competition? lol hilarious

top rhymer vs top ramen
this is my promise
mutilate the beat whether or not ya boy got commas

fly like you from tatooine
no money for your gasoline
Shit is asaneen, asanine
Only fuck if her ass a nine
told the beat that ass was mine
just had to blaze it one more time
lace it with some brand new rhymes
Nas told me the world was mine
so i took it, i got em lookin
ya mobb deep, but i got em shook and
got more bars than central booking
lines so hot, i think i smell the beat cookin
ghost dog in the slaughterhouse like my i was crooked
aint gotta sag, show my ass on these tracks
coming straight to ya from the bottom of the map
all you talk about is how you in the trap
aint gotta look far to find where im at
404, 770 atl ho
raped rap like you put quaaludes in some jello
showered her golden yellow
fuck around get ludacris to hit you with an elbow
touch the mic? hell no
fuck around get a grammy
exes can't stand me
voice moists panties
since im beating down the block like vigilantes
Track Name: Burning Gas (Prod. by Jake One)
0:06 hook
riding through the a
and you know im riding solo
you can ride along but dont touch my radio
just burning gas, don't ask where we bout to go
whats the destination, i dont even know

:30 verse
gotta get up off this couch
gotta get up out this house
grab my phone, grab my wallet
grab my keys im riding out
cant get out the driveway
until a favorite song play
im thinking black milk, maybe some torae
car get moving
my exhaust start fuming
whip a honda like a buick
swangin like im from houston
pull next to a cop cruiser
cooler than a hockey puck
windows down, music up
ask me if i give a fuck
bass start quaking
and his car get to shakin
next right turn, im takin
probably got his head aching
turn down this road, or turn down what im playin
ain't no questioning the decision that im makin
i dont feel nothing but these good vibrations
most passengers don't like the sensation
so i like to ride alone
don't try to hit my phone cuz im

1:16 hook

1:40 verse
when i say im burning gas, i dont mean im rolling up
if this that chill shit you vibe to, go and grab a blunt
why you think i name this shit do what you want?
you damned if you do, and you damned if you dont
so fuck it, hop in the bucket and haul ass
on the road, can't worry about snakes in tall grass
so picture me rollin when its all eyez on me
all by my lonely, dont need no homies
might hit lenox or perimeter
maybe hit 85 and push it to the limit bruh
my whip got my back like my decendants, bruh
why you think im in it for?
no car note on an old ass civic bruh
Crank it to the max, Fuck being timid bruh
push this shit like i got 16 cylinders
hop in, if you talkin in you'll be walken like christopher
im feeling kinda like what the game's been missing bruh
Track Name: Show Me Love (Prod. by Metro Boomin)
:15 hook 2x
Everytime i walk up in the club
all the bitches wanna show me love
black, white, asian
i say all of the above

:30 verse
can't forget the latina
that look like selena
everytime i see her,
i say rip bruh
cause she be killin them
suicide like will n them
yo ho is dirty
water from michigan

everytime im up in the club
all these hoes wanna give me hugs
everytime im up in the street
all these fuck niggas want beef
maybe cuz im best rapper
dont give a fuck who the best scrapper
nigga i am the best shooter
nigga i play call of duty

1:01 hook 2x

go ahead, dont be shy girl
you a resident in my world
keep doing what you doin,
get a necklace with pearls
every kiss begins with kay
you job begins with blow
if your name was lois lane
i'm the flyest dude you know
tell me what you think about that
time to rap about racks
how you aint on that
bullshit but i treat it like fact
got things that you lack
can't sit where i sat
cant spit how i spat
dont wanna hear rap
so i gotta pull back
like old glue on a new track
or a dirty scalp on a new hat
gotta entertain these new blacks

so i gotta relax
was clean now i relapse
keep my music shallow
dont wanna hear no deep tracks
just wanna feel the deep bass
get a woman with a three face
and a 7 body
just dont tell nobody
Track Name: Whiplash (Prod. by Jahlil Beats)
:12 verse
best rapper ever, speak now or hold your peace
I'm where down is A and up is the peace
niggas think they tough, this how they hold their piece
you fuckboys couldn't outrap my fucking neice
Too clean, you can get cut on my crease
Got a beating system like the fucking police
dont wanna kill yall, i try to keep the peace
but who am i to deny the nature of a beast?

Nyk Grey, rookie, but i move like a veteran
can't nobody tell me who i cant be better than
cant rock with me, then better check your sediment
coolest kid around that never had a letterman

all i do is build like a fallout 4 settlement
never make it rain, what you need with a weatherman
kingstree, south kak
what you know about that
catch me rolling through your hood with the fucking top back

:58 hook x2
what's that?
now they wanna hear a country nigga rap?
bang ya head till ya fuckin neck snap

1:09 verse
n-y-k g-r-e-y
fuck with me, a must you die
no compare, there aint no tie
behind me is where my victims lie

on some rigamortus shit
kill em like kevorkian
spit hot flames like your boy name was scorpion
used to call me dorkiest
now i smash her and her friend
All cuz my trunk was banging like a fucking simeon

everytime i go in, i show out
call you fireman, when you go in
them hoes out
yo girl said she love bammas,
i told her to go south
had to block her like a spammer
i thought she stole trout (UGHHH)

1:43 hook x2

1:54 verse
got double u's like an ugly umbrella
hate lemonade like I made rocafella
want me to stop, i dont know what to tell ya
let the beat switch, used to rock it acapella

2:17 outro verse
Every time I hop on the record, I wreck it
wanna be considered a legend, I reckon
Take a minute off, I'll fall back into second
Birdman voice crack, you better respek it
I'm chosen, you frozen
I'm lava on you hoes and
Wearing a pair size 10s
You can't fit your toes in
10.5 to be exact
I'm bodying this track
and I'm In love with the fact
My words go all across the map
That boy Nyk is a savage
you know i just gotta have it
yall jon snow, and I'm killing all you bastards
niggas is timmy turner with the burner
magic with the ratchet
dont need them to make you whack rappers vanish
throw a beat at me, and i promise i'll catch it
newest in the game mane, i call that an advantage
can't get worse than these very first verses
each and every bar, i get closer to perfect
Track Name: Make America Great Again (Prod. by Jahlil Beats)
:18 verse
Floating down buford highway in my civic ho
Shit from nine seven, but i whip it like a rental tho
middle of the a, but it look like little mexico
donald trump bitch ass wanna send them somewhere else to go
they aint having that, suck up on my testicle
push up on my homies and get fried like a vegetable
you 1 percent corporate suits gassed like a texaco
then got the nerve to wonder why we actin reckless fo
think you a visionary, more like a spectacle
your politics ancient shit, this nigga is cicero
that's why his damn toupee looking like a dinner roll
what you think we in it for? just to get up out it?
we gon fight for our country, we gon shout the loudest
fuck what you say about it, come on man this was founded
on pursuit of happiness, liberty and life
so tell me what's up with all this misery and strife?

1:12 hook 4x
Make America great again!
Make America great again!
America was great when?
America was great when?

1:40 verse
was it great when women couldn't vote?
was it great when blacks were hanging from a rope?
was it great when you stole native land?
was it great when y'all murdered Sandra bland?
hell nah imma let you know
ain't shit here was better before
better go back to your reality show
dont go near that white house door
told you one time, i'll tell you some more
we done sleeping on that glass floor
rich get richer and the poor get more
either I get mine or you get your
assbeat, might get your assbeat
beat yo ass up and down wallstreet
aint a threat, just an observation
connect the dots...constellation
stay away just like them stars
we don't care wh-who you are
media put you on the front page
you aint gonna win anyway
they just using you for the views
get syndication on the news
and your ugly ass still gonna lose
at least you still better than ted cruz

2:32 hook
Track Name: Introverted (Prod. by Black Milk)
:14 verse
wanna be alone, but i still feel lonely
its like the feeling might be mutual, like nobody want me
and i know it aint true, still got my day 1 homies
but if i fall, they got me, or they gon flake like tony?
man i guess we'll never know
if i fall, i'll never show
put up walls like mexico
cold shoulder, eskimo
solitary confined to my mind
sometimes man i wish that we could just rewind
back to the time when i could trust my bloodline
if they ain't stealing my identity, they telling lies
they say blood is thicker than water
but think about what's really harder to swallow
that's why i never really was one to follow
if you tried to me leave breadcrumbs, I'll still just wander
and i aint mad at ya, im just protecting myself
and its cool if im understood by nobody else

1:03 hook
even when its crowded i still feel all alone
so many thoughts that be racing in my dome
aint being rude when i dont pick up my phone
just try to understand that i prefer it on my own
i guess im introverted
its about time you learned it
i guess im introverted
in case you never heard it
i guess im introverted
in case you felt deserted
i guess im introverted
i guess im introverted

1:27 verse
Even when I sit down, I feel like I stand out
was like that as a boy, same even as a man now
wanna get to know you, but i might have a breakdown
considered going homeless before i took a handout
fuck small talk, while yall talk, im writing raps on my phone
just rather not talk if i dont know em
imagine if they never let kanye into his zone
so give me some room kinda like a traffic cone
not that i hate people, dont know what to do with em
i know we both one in the same- we both human
a pointless conversation is not what im pursuing
you be like hi, my name's clint, how you doin?
i dont care. i dont mean no harm
might think im the worst guy like gambino song
the fact of the matter is you couldn't be more wrong
so instead of bothering you, i had to write this song
Track Name: Preview (Prod. by Eric G)
:12 verse
at a house party on some kid n play shit
saw this fly honey that was far from basic
its like nobody in the room even had faces
i just know we gotta unify like the races
she had natural hair and a beautiful stare
i mean, shorty was fine nobody compared
plus she was all by herself like solitaire
i gotta make a move now, i aint trying to share
skin peanut butter with the almond eyes
gotta get to know her fore these other guys
bout to pull up on her like a exercise
little more than thirsty, call it baptized
damn i think she saw me seeing her
know what that means, time to get to work
first, i checked my breath for some odor
then my nigga, this is what i told her:

:58 hook
saw you from across the room
wanna get to know you
here's my number
maybe we'll talk soon
i can go on and on like badu
we can be a pair like some shoes
if you knew how i do
you'll be coming soon like the preview

1:33 verse
friends call me nyk, you can do the same
damn how rude of me, i didnt catch your name
girl nobody touchin you with an oven mitt
and your shit sound just like my government
you know what they say about great minds,
i guess you can say we got some great moms
aint got no game, just say how i feel
these other dudes'll lie to you and try to say that they keep it real
but enough about me girl, tell me bout you
the things you like to watch, the things you like to do
oh you up on walking dead? man I like that shit too
and you watch anime? man i think that shit cool
let me take you out to dinner, maybe shoot pool
i just want you on my arm like a wolf tattoo
can't give you the world, but i can give you some smiles
and i'll do everything i can to make this last a while
Track Name: Super Nintendo Sega Genesis (Prod. by Girl Talk)
:10 verse
Super Nintendo, Sega genesis
When I was growing up man, all I did was this
back when thick thighed chun li was the baddest bitch
always hold it down like a spinning bird kick
yup yup in my dojo
get beat up like abobo
beat you into last week like my man crono
king of fighters if you dont know
mortal kombat i was so so
but in killer instinct, you can't touch my jago
wanna play? sure you can
hit you with a shoryuken
blow you up like bomberman
just to show that im the man
nah you dont stand a chance
cuz im ballin vectorman
yeah boy you know i got you x'd like mega man
im an altered beast, i guess to say the least
you gon need more than flynn to try to keep the peace
i turn battletoads into rashes in the road
you couldn't beat me with 3 konami codes

:53 hook

1:15 verse
Nyk got jams like boomshakalaka
He's on fire, name another rapper hotter
touch your girl once, clothes fall off like arthur
just want my voice to ecco like the dolphin
im the shit, sewer surfin
boss like bowser, super burning
rainbow road, super swerving
can't fall off, watch me turning
streets of rage was super urban
ninja gaiden had me cursing
super black like zack nigga
power ranger mighty morphin
yall suck like kirby
you guys is unworthy
mask on like shinobi
starman yall cant hurt me
yall save hoes like cody
while we still do our thing
only cuz nyk is fly like an arwing
up in the club and you pulled a dime piece
psyche, thats the wrong number, final fantasy
strength knowledge love is the pieces of my triforce
If you don't hand me the crown I'll take it by force
1:58 hook
Track Name: Searchin (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
:16 verse
hailing from the k town, where them boys dont play round
look close see em pitching crack by the playground
love kingstree, but i couldn't stay round
listen as I speak on my life on this great sound
youngest son of david and jane
i was born to be a prodigy, simple and plain
went to the schools, gettin nothing but As
forced to go to church, give nothing but praise
in hope for eternal life,
stared down a pistol twice
if i stayed there, then my future wasnt bright
ya boy had to leave to search for the light
im outta here, hopping on this greyhound,
headed from the k all the way to the a town

:50 beat break

:59 verse
hopped off the bus, I'm in the ATL
Bamma in the city bout to give em hell
small fish, big pond
started working papa johns
somebody please
tell me what the hell is goin on?
uncle jr let me know
atlanta wasnt just the videos
big rims, big booty hoes
black land of opportunity
im rapping like its you and me
appreciate me presently, not during my eulogy
but back to my biography
i trusted uncle jr, man that was lunacy
son i can't believe he was fooling me
this nigga had no class like truancy
every first of the month, he was robbing me
trying to steal from me like a fucking usurper
had to change his world like a fucking heart murmur
got my own spot, but we still coworkers
became manager to tell him scrub that surface

1:52 verse
left that bullshit behind
i could better spend my time
making videos or perfecting my rhymes
everything i saw was mine
no longer had to worry about a knife in the spine
funds in my pocket so now I can travel
started fixing macs, and went to the big apple
in Miami looking fly like Henry Cavill
my woofers was banging just like the judge gavel
went from cruising in the honda
to cruising in bahamas
i had to tell my mama
my account had a comma
was the bomb like osama
ain't worried about the drama
get the picture? panorama
try and cancel me, come back futurama
Keep looking, might find what I'm searching for
demand respect like a lion roar
I aint the best, what you lying for?
them other dudes aiight, but i inspire more

2:34 outro
Track Name: A (Prod. by No I.D.)
:14 verse
i dont believe in god
i just believe in me
you listen and you nod
but thinking blasphemy
i think its kinda odd
its all geography
you pick it for yourself
or they decide what you believe?

now im warmed up, bring the heat in
was raised christian now the nigga is a heathen
didn't have a choice was told to believe in
a dude who drowned the whole world to stop it from breathin
you see man? that's genocide, you criticize
what if you had been alive?
had to hold you kids hands while they motherfuckin died
with a god like that, who needs satan?
20 years I stayed quiet, now I gotta weigh in
if children are our future, then stop the indoctrinatin
can't move forward with improper education
you idolize the preachers with nothing but ajulation
but the catholic church is where the predators are praying(preying)

1:02 hook 2x
your purpose,
be worthless
be filled of guilt
and let me get your ten percent

1:13 verse
apologize and repent
get on your knees
you can suck on this,
and take two of these
you think your money really be going to building fees?
even good intentions could lead to tragedy
if its blasphemy,
im sad to see
brainwashing my family
heathen, but i had visit heaven just to grab this beat
hear them horns son?
feel them trumpets playing?
dont really care, just hear what im sayin
i'm super, need more teachers, less recruiters
feeding they agendas and robbing us like some looters
we all got computers, but yall call em phones
you can learn anything a human's ever known
safari, firefox, opera, edge, or chrome
dont need a leader, you can learn it on your own
do some research, process it in your dome
if it dont make sense, you can cut it like michonne
(dont take my word for it)

2:01 hook 4x
Track Name: Do What You Want (Prod. by Eric G)
:27 verse
Skyzoo, Phonte, Oddisee
Logic, killer Mike, saint bre
no matter what you said that i can't be
they helped me kill everybody who aint me
the world comes to a stop when i arrange these stanzas
my words are dope beat dancers
knew there was power in my blood when my dad beat cancer
so fuck your mainstream hip hop propaganda
you played yourself, i made myself
like no one else, you know what else?
they feel me more with every breath
they learning how to love theyself
figured if I couldn't beat em,
i'd join em and beat em on the beat
they couldn't walk with my sole
now they smelling defeat
so fuck the dj,
we dont care what he play
on the internet,
got the real shit on replay
declare your independence
with each and every sentence
when you got control you can never be the victim

:1:16 hook
Know you spent your days
being nonchalant
Wanna be the best,
Gotta do what they won't
Damned if you do,
Damned if you don't
Time is running out,
Better do what you want